Tuesday, April 29, 2014

ALMOST 2,500 VIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, some big news. I AM ALMOST AT 2,500 VIEWS!!!!!!
At first I was like "WHAT!!!!????" But then I thought that it counted my views.
But I was wrong!!! When I checked from what countries people viewed my blog, it showed 1,412.
But only in the UNITED STATES!!! And I live in Poland!!! But on Poland it showed that there were 600 something views. I bet some of my friends checked it, but it also counted my views. But hey, I already have almost 2,500 views, more that cam, and his blog is A LOT better and was longer on the web. I was like "EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!!!!!" So, to celebrate this occasion, you can ask me for instrux of ANYONE I have on my list of characters! Or, you can tell me to make any drawing you want. (Even thoe I am REALLY bad at drawing.) Here is, if you wondered how I look, is a picture of Me!! Thanks for all the views and MTFBWY!!

Sorry, no picture.): I can get in trouble, and people can copy it and use it for bad things. );
(People are terrible nowadays.)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Gregor for wiztorn's clone contest

Here is my Gregor for Wiztron's clone trooper contest. He has a helmet that you can take off and put on.

 With helmet

Without helmet

                                      Hope you like him! MTFBWY!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

And a new theme for origami..... Minecraft!!

Sorry for the lack of posting, but I was REALLY busy. Hw, school, living, etc. But, during my free time, I got inspired by Chippy  Slusher and his STOOKY origami zombie pigman! So decided that I will start making Minecraft origami! I already made some, and here they are!

Ps: Sorry for the bad lighting. ):

I am working on more, but I can't think of anyone else to make! If you have an idea, just tell me in the comments. And the biggest news for the day, I am starting my first contest!!!!
And the challenge is......... Minecraft!!! (Bet you already guessed)
So, you need to make your best minecraft character, (But NOT a creeper) take a picture of it, send it to me at lolksawi@gmail.com, and the last step, hope to win! (: But I can't decided if I should vote, or YOU should. Tell me in the comments for who you want to vote: You or Me. Hope I get a lot of people entering my contest! MTFBWY!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Stay Strong, Ella!

So, as I bet all of you heard, the mean and cruel S.T.A. returned to origamiyoda.com
As I would never suspect, he swore the most of all the people I saw in my life!
Sam banned Ella from Oy.com
I feel really bad for her.
But because of S.T.A., nobody can comment on Oy.com anymore!!😭😭😭😭😭
But as yoda always says (actually I just made it up)
"Stay strong fold on and fight on!"
And remember Ella,
to always be yourself! 😄😃😃

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cover Yoda!!

Hereis my cover yoda! After taking forever to make the eyes and ears, I finally made him!!! I tried to copy sf tyler's, but his is just too good! (: So, here he is! And happy easter!

Cover Character for book 6!!!!!

Yup, you read it right! It's Emperor Pickletine!!! It does sound a little weird, but it's creative, that's for sure! (: I hope that even if this is the last book, that Tom will make special's like a christmas and easter special's. MTFBWY!