Here are the instructions for Emperor PAPERtine.
If you can't read them, please tell me in the comments. I will try to make more clear instructions.

Look here for how to decorate The Emperor.

                              Darth Maul's Special Commando Mandalorian

                                First, take a 1/4 piece of paper and fold the top into a triangle, but not all the way.
                               Leave a gap between the triangles.      

                                   Next, turn the piece of paper around and fold the down all the way to the end.

                             After that, fold the bottom of the triangle behind the rest of it, and then fold the top            
down a little, but leave some space.    

                           Later, fold the corners diagonally to make feet. Like so.

                             When you are done that, turn the paper around and fold part of the corner upwards.
                          If you don't understand, look at the picture under. Then fold the part above the feet inside, like so.

                             Finally, decorate! If you didn't understand the step above, look at this picture to see the final product. PS: One of the main parts of this character is the mark of a hand on his helmet.
I had a too thick marker, so I couldn't draw it. It might look like a circle, but it's a hand. Remember to draw it while making this guy.

                                           Embo/ Cad Bane 
             Start with 1/4 piece of paper. Next, fold the top down just a little bit.

                        After that, fold the sides into little triangles. This will be the hat.

                   Then, unfold the triangles and fold them inwards. It's the same fold as the medium yoda.

                    When you are done doing that, flip the paper over. Now fold the sides inside, but not much. But leave the corners out.

                Finally, decorate! The body will probably be too long, so just cut it until you think it's the right size. Enjoy! And if you want instructions for someone else, just tell me in the comments.


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