Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Sf's! Im sooooo sorry i dont post often! ): 

1. I didnt have time
2. Dont have ideas
But now i will try to post 10 times more! (; and plz, reblog this. I am deeply thinking about leaving. I never get comments! I know i get views, but i really want coments too. Stookylukey had 20 more comments than me all time in 1 post! I had 32 comments all time! He had 52 in 1 post! ): 
I know its also because i dont post alot, but seriously, i dont think im that bad! Plz reblog this! And expect a dark piece of origami today... Kind of..... 


  1. Sorry? For what? For not visiting my blog!? I visit your blog every day?!
    Ps im not mad at you. Im just mad that nobody...... likes me..... As a friend.... ):

  2. I'm your friend Xavier I will reblog this.