Saturday, May 31, 2014

I have a bad feeling about this..... And we need to help Foldawan!

Peeps! We need to help Foldawan! His webiste is shut down becuase " he violated the rules." And thats NOT true! Someone must of hacked into his acount! Look at his comment! And please tell others and reblog this!

  • I don’t know!!! I just went to my site on Google and it said I violated the rules! I don’t spam, I comment, I post, I’m nice tp everyone! I didn’t do anything! I asked WordPress what the problem was, they haven’t replied yet…. I’ve been FRAMED! I’m INNOCENT!!! What do u think I should do. I can’t reblog this because I don’t temporary have my site … but YOU can! I have a very bad feeling abou this …
  • Okay, I will reblog this and tell people to! But now it seems like the same thing that happend to princess ella happened to you😓😰😰😰😰


  1. Hi Xavier ! Foldawan here.Ive been thinking ... ill shut down my site, amd ive decided to be become webmaster for this one ! Do u think u can give instrux on how to post and what i should do ?

  2. Ok! But
    Look at the comment on your site, there is how to become that

  3. Here is what to do

    Okay, I also am not too sure how to do it, but I think I do. First, I will send you an email asking you to accept my request. Then all you need to do is, I think, go to blogspot and do whatever you want to! But first you need a google account. Do you have one?

  4. But remember, NO pictures of yourself! If you break this rule, you will be banned! And that is why I think your wp website got deleted!

  5. I'm sorry, and i know its you John

  6. I will post more now, since I have summer vacation